Our marketing system requires consistent advertising. You need a system that exposes your property to the right people at the right time! We invest more on internet advertising that any other medium–see below. Our print advertising includes The Park Record newspaper, high-profile seasonal Newpaper suppliments during Sundance Film fest, major holidays, etc., Homes & Land Magazine, as well as national publications like Luxury Living, the Wall Street Journal, In-Flight Magazines, etc.


For each of our listings, our in-house marketing department designs and produces a full-color marketing flyer/brochure. Based on the size and features of your home, we create a custom takeaway marketing piece for driveby visitors. As supplies deminish, we refill as necessary. These flyers/brochures will also be distributed to other agents withing our real estate community to help in finding the right buyer for your home.

Direct Mail

Direct mail pieces and post cards are great ways to target-market a specific audience of potential clients. In fact, you may have received one of our cards if you’re visiting this page! We print and mail thousands of “Just Listed / Just Sold” cards to your neighbors and carefully selected groups of recipients. Our Market Update mailers help generate excitement and educate readers about current sales and market conditions.

Internet Marketing

We’ve taken internet marketing to a NEW LEVEL! We have invested thousands of dollars in building informational resources for Park City real estate as well as individual sites showcasing and informing visitors about particular neighborhoods in Park City. This kind of specialized information is only provided through our websites. The information is all up to date and should serve as a incredible tool in making the decision when buying or selling real estate in Park City.